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What We Do

At ADNP, our focus is non-profit organizations - it's ALL we do! Over the last two decades, we have worked with a wide range of organizations, from small clients with less than $20,000 in annual revenues, to large organizations with over $20 million in annual revenue. As a result, we are familiar with issues and problems facing non-profit organizations beyond just "doing the books." Just as important, you’ll have our attention year-round... and you won’t have to wait until tax season is over before we work with your organization!

We accept clients of all sizes and scope - getting a good handle on accounting and financial reporting is important, regardless of the size and age of the organization. In fact, implementing solid financial controls and systems is perhaps even more important for small organizations with limited resources.

Over the years, we have found that flexibility is critical to completing our work in a timely manner; so we tailor our work to your needs – we can work in our office, your office, online, or a combination of all three that fits with your organization, schedule and requirements.

One of our firm’s strengths is our ability to understand and help organizations keep track of expenditures on an individual grant level, easing grant reporting burdens. We’ll keep track of revenues and expenses at whatever level you need, from individual grants, to programs, to the entire entity.

We can also help an organization understand its financial situation. Managers of organizations need to be able to explain what’s happening to potential donors and funders - we take the time to help organizations understand their financial statements, and work to help managers feel comfortable explaining those statements to others.

In addition, meeting with management, finance committees, and boards to explain financial activities has become one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling aspect of our work. We believe that clear, concise explanations of financial statements and activities are critical in order for organizations to make proper financial decisions.

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